AIOD is an Organization Development (OD) Training Institute providing professional development services in OD. AIOD partners with local and foreign based universities and organizations to provide quality OD training programs across Africa. AIOD is the Premier Regional Institute in Africa to offer Certified Organization Development Consultants Certification program in collaboration with several Universities in the USA. AIOD also support many organizations with various OD interventions. AIOD offers OD Certification Programs and other related programs for undergraduate and graduate persons.
The OD Certification Programs equip students with the skills they need to function in today’s diverse global business environment. With a focus on teamwork, the curriculum brings an innovative and thoughtful approach to problem solving in real-world business settings. Steeped in academic excellence, with a distinguished faculty (developers of OD Standards) and a corps of successful alumni, the institute delivers the business, science, and technology credentials demanded by global corporations.