Africa Institute of Organization Development (AIOD) established in 2009 is fully registered and incorporated under the Ghana Company Registration Code1963 (Act 179). The institute is dedicated to the enrichment of lives through higher education and professional development. As the premier provider of Certified Organization Development consulting skills and related products and services, we assist organizations and communities in the achievement of their personal, professional and community developmental goals. AIOD accomplishes its mission by offering academic and professional development training courses in Organization Development (OD); the institute also enables organizations to help themselves by facilitating various organizational effectiveness and health interventions to assist individuals, institutions and other corporate entities to acquire OD skills for growth and renewal.
AIOD is the Premier Regional Institute in Africa that offers the OD Professional (Certified OD Practitioner, Consultant and Master Practitioner and Consultant) programme in collaboration with Sonoma State University, California USA. Our certificate programs provide theories, processes, tools and competencies needed to help develop the skills to become an OD Professional. Our trained professionals are dedicated to building more effective organizations by developing and sustaining high-performance workplaces. The OD Certificate is designed to help those in OD/HR roles prepare for Organizational Development and Change Management positions as well as Coaching Professionals.