Today’s businesses need leaders who understand a new paradigm—who can lead in new directions that embrace the changes that are dramatically reshaping organizations and the general business environment. Effective leaders always seek to build a more prosperous future for their organizations. They allow themselves the freedom to envision what that future can be. They are guided to that future by the courage to face reality, the wisdom to listen, an insatiable desire to learn and the responsibility to act. They know that, at their best, they are empowering and inspiring others to act. They understand that leadership can be learned and should be taught and they give tirelessly to the development of future generations of leaders who can and will build an even better world. We believe that the foundation for understanding leadership lies in a few time-tested truths: People who work for and with great leaders know that the bond that connects them is built on trust and trust is earned every day. We at Africa Institute of Organization Development (AIOD) are uniquely positioned to help you understand and anticipate those changes, and shape the future of your organization.