International Coaching Week

  • May 16 - 22, 2016
  • Accra, Ghana

II&M is the preferred Accreditation Body for Coaches, Mentors, Training Providers and Clients.creating excellence in the coaching and mentoring professions. The IIC&M is an organisation that is passionate about and dedicated to raising the professionalism of coaching and mentoring worldwide. We are delighted to be one of the largest officially recognised professional accreditation bodies in existence
The IIC&M (originally the ECI) was formed in 1999 as a not-for-profit organisation to be a force for good in coaching. It was founded by and continues to be run by professional coaches. The IIC&M is an internationally-focused organisation; building, maintaining, raising awareness, and working to promote best practices, while providing value added benefits to its Members.
Continuing improvement in Coaching has been a concern of the IIC&M since 1999. Voluntary accreditation is enshrined in IIC&M policy, but in several countries steps are being taken on a national level towards mandatory accreditation, coupled with legal or professional re-certification or re-licensing and the establishment of an industry standard promoted within all areas of work. This will lead towards an increasing need to a standard of accreditation, obtained by individual Coaches, Mentors and Training Providers.
In 1999 a group of concerned coaches came together to establish the IIC&M, originally formed as the ECI, under the leadership of Ben Botes as the original founder and CEO. Ben was ably supported by Aina Egeberg who was head of Erikson Coach Training in the UK. The initial focus was on life coaching but this was quickly changed to embrace all areas of coaching, including Business, Executive, and Corporate coaching. In 2013 a group of concerned professional mentors joined the IIC&M to include accreditation for both mentors and mentor training providers.
The IIC&M facilitates access to quality accreditation for Coaches, Mentors, and to Clients; contributes to the quality of accreditation and ensures that availability of a high standard of Coach or Mentor Training. Quality control of Coaching, Mentoring and Coach or Mentor Training is a key element in this process. It was decided to effect this by forming an accreditation body catering specifically for the Coaching and Mentoring Industry, using the expertise of qualified and experienced Coaches and Mentors active in their fields.
AIOD is the single representative of IIC&M in Ghana. By this mandate, AIOD is given opportunity to all coaches, mentors, motivational speakers and everyone to attain Associate Membership at a reduced rate. This a special offer from IIC&M to all Ghanaian coaches, mentors, motivational speakers and leaders as it forms the Ghana Chapter. Register here. The Promotion Code is H00101. Download Flyer here

Become an Associate Member of IIC&M if you are a Coah or a Mentor at a reduced. Register with £40 before April 30, 2016 and benefit for special promotion for IIC&M Ghana Members. Click here to register. The Promotion Code is H00101. Download Flyer here

International Coaching Week was launched in 1999 with the purpose of placing the coaching profession firmly in the public eye globally. Coaching has come a long way since those early days but the raison d’etre of International Coaching Week remains the same.
To this end, in support of International Coaching Week and in celebration of coaching, IIC&M have put together a daily programme of webinars, from a wide selection of coaches internationally. They will be giving you interesting insights into their world, for those of you who are considering training to become coaches or who would like to understand how coaching can help you move forward in your lives both professionally and personally.
Presenters will also be talking about a wide range of topics aligned to coaching and new methodologies, so if you are already practicing as a coach, you will definitely want to plug in to this week as well.
Many of the presenters will be featured in our Insight Magazine, together with a host of other information and interesting articles, which is free to IIC&M members otherwise available through the IIC&M.
International Coaching Week is a week we can all benefit from and enjoy. We warmly invite you to engage and participate with us in this space.foster global relationships.

Date Activity
February 4, 2016 Meeting with Core Team
February 6 - 21, 2016 Appointment of other Team Members
February 26, 2016 One Day Team Building for Ghana Team
February 29, 2016 Registratioin of Members
February 29, 2016 Appointment of Committee for International Coaching Week Celebration
March 1 - 6, 2016 Awareness Creation on International Coaching Week
March 7, 2016 Launch of International Coaching Week

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