Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Training

  • October 6-17, 2014
  • Mensvic Grand Hotel, Accra.

Do you influence, inspire, lead with your words? Do you speak with charisma? How do you make your mind valuable? How do you help the vulnerable in society with your words? Do you create win-win situation with your words? Attend this training to learn the Science of Communication to help you discover stunning answers to the above quaetions. Benefit personally and professionally by mastering the skill-sets of the most prominent coaches, authors and speakers of business and self development.

Become a Master at:
Building rapport and making connections instantly.
Setting clear and achievable goals.
Changing negative thinking and limiting beliefs.
Removing self-sabotage.
The art of reading body language.
Healing past traumas.
Healing the body, mind, and spirit.
Achieving any dream or goal.

Marketing Managers.
Sales Representatives.
Team Leaders.
Project Managers.
Mediacal Practitioners.
Small Business Owners.
Government Officials.
Security Agencies.
And anybody in leadership position.

Attend 10 comprehensive fun-filled-interactive, self-healing, yet intense days of learning to complete your training and begin your practice. This program is filled with practical exercises that you perform with, and receive from, your fellow students. In addition, the instructor provides live demonstrations of all the techniques being taught – healing student volunteers of real issues that had formerly limited them. These are the same kind of issues you are likely to face with your clients. PLUS: You graduate this program with a business or life plan to achieve your professional and personal goals.

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