The Downward Leadership Approach

"Leadership is by coming down before soaring up with your followers". Olin Oedekoven, PhD. President / CEO, Peregrine Academic Service / Peregrine Leadership Institute said this during a workshop for leaders in Business Education in Ghana.
The impact of Africa Institute of Organization Development (AIOD) and its strategic impact partners in reshaping the paradigm of today’s leaders and promoting organizational excellence is overwhelming and is catching on fast. AIOD recently held a Strategic Leadership and Organizational development seminar in collaboration with its partners (Peregrine Academic Service, Peregrine Leadership Institute, The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, Univesity of The Incarnate Word) at University of Professional Studies, Accra from July 28 - 30, 2014 targeting the heads and deans of the various business schools in Ghana. The aim of this seminar was to impress upon the leaders of the business schools the weight of leadership decisions and its ripple effect on a generation of students in whose hands the business landscape of Ghana's future lies.
In one of the many wonderful lectures that highlighted the 3-days of illumination, Olin Oedekoven, PhD., President / CEO, Peregrine Academic Service / Peregrine Leadership Institute described leadership in allegorical terms, comparing today’s successful leaders to a Peregrine Falcon. He intimated that leadership was a swooping act, like a diving bird of prey (Peregrine Falcon), it starts from the top although working its way from the bottom-up. Successful leaders are able to communicate the vision of the organizations they represent, interpreting it to the barest level for every level of followership. He is aware that men work better when they share in the same vision, have the same goals and love to see the same indicators of success.