Organization Development (OD) is the practice of helping organizations solve problems and reach their goals. A key emphasis in OD is assisting clients not just in meeting their goal but with learning new problem-solving skills they can use in the future. In these challenging economic conditions, many organizations often face difficulty with sustainability, efficiency, and thus, achieving their mission. We use organizational development to enhance sustainability, efficiency, and interconnectedness so that an organization can realize its mission and more strongly move towards its vision.
The process of improving effectiveness and efficiency begins with a needs assessment. This is performed by working collaboratively with leadership, personnel and customers/clients. Once the problem is identified, a plan is developed collectively to treat the underlying causes of the problem. This may be accomplished via data collection methods such as focus groups, surveys, and research. Areas of organizational development include, but are not limited to:
Organizational operations and processes.
Employee Manuals development.
Employee and management training.
Organizational planning and strategizing.
Executives and board of directors performance.

Expand your mind. Explore new perspectives. Experience a rigorous, relevant, and research-driven curriculum taught by world-class faculty (developers of OD Standard), and experts from across the globe. Plus, hear from business leaders sharing their real-world successes and failures. The OD Program gives you the power to drive results at the highest levels of global management.
Over the course of not more than two years, the OD Program will help you broaden your vision, navigate critical organization challenges, and ignite change both personally and professionally. You'll immerse yourself in a cutting-edge curriculum that emphasises in assisting clients not just in meeting their goal but with learning new problem-solving skills they can use in the future. You'll gain innovative, actionable organization development strategies and leadership development. And you'll interact with some of the world's most influential and innovative thought leaders and peers from around the world.

Beginener Mastery Certificate in OD - BMCOD

Advanced Mastery Certificate in OD - AMCOD

Professional Masters Certificate in OD - PMCOD

Africa Institute of Organization Development (AIOD) is an Organization Development (OD) Training Institute providing professional development training in OD, Coaching and Mentoring, Change Management and Strategic Leadership. In collaboration with our international partners in South Africa and United States of America, we are happy to offer our best spoke short Courses leading to the award of Professional Masters Certificatein Organization Development and Strategic Leadership. AIOD is enhancing leadership capacity in small and large organizations, public or private to help future and current leaders thrive with an organizational development model and plan designed to provide the basic foundation for leaders to thrive with proven strategies that leverage strengths, enable trust and engage teams, departsments and organizations for an enduring growth.

Program Structure
Participants undertake a nine week intensive classroom session interfacing with practical mentoring and coaching sessions in between modules over six months or one year duration.

Who Should Attend
1. Human Resource and Organizaation Development Practitioners
2. Team Leaders
3. Internal and External Consultants
4. Planners and Implementers of Change
5. All who want to learn a leading-edge methodology for understanding and achieving optimal organization development

Transforming Knowledge Into Action
By the end of the week, you will be better positioned to better diagnose your organization’s effectiveness by:
1. Define your role as an organization development professional
2. Design and implement appropriate interventions
3. Use the principles of organization development practice: systems thinking, action research, client focus, and involvement
4. Create a personal plan for your own development

Organizational Benefits
1. People management systems aligned to the organization's north star
2. Ability to move toward culture-level change with lasting effect
3. Shared ownership of complex challenges
4. Better understanding of bottlenecks blocking greater effectiveness

Take Away Tools
1. Participant Case Study Workbook
2. Blueprint for Organizational Effectiveness
3. Organizational Effectiveness Gap Analysis
4. Kolb Learning Style Inventory
5. Organizational culture, effectiveness and capacity improvement assessment tools

Program Schedule
Module Date Venue Fees
Module I April 18 - 30, 2016 Tshwane University of Technology Business School, Van der Walt St., Pretoria, South Africa $750
Module II June 22 - 30, 2016 USA $3500 (Fee includes Tuition, Workbook materials, Lunches, Accommodation, but does not include Flight and Visa Application fees—if applicable)
Module III September 19 - 30, 2016 South Africa $750

Our Learning Programs Are Focused On Your Growth
1. Opportunities to network with high-level colleagues from across the country
2. Coaching from internationally-renowned facilitators with real-world experience
3. Experience-based programming to test theories and ideas
4. Mentoring beyond classroom sessions

Cancellation Policy
Substitutions are permitted with no penalty 8 days or more from the program start date. Substitutions 7 days or less before the program start date will be subject to a $500 charge. Transfers and cancellations are permitted with no penalty up to 15 days prior to the program start date. Transfers and cancellations 14 days or less from the program start date will be subject to a 100% charge of the program fee.

Organization Development Certified Professional - ODCP

Organization Development Certified Consultant - ODCC

Registered Organization Development Certified Professional - RODCP

Registered Organization Development Certified Consultant - RODCC

Registered Organization Development Fellow

Thank you for your interest in applying to AIOD. To begin the application process, you must first download the application form in pdf. Fill the form (pdf form is editable) and send by email at
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Past Students

The ODCC Program absolutely met my needs and beyond. It took a future view of how technology can be used to assist the learning process of clients in the problem solving skills. My mates were diverse in thoughts and experiences and that added tremendously to my learning experience

Joyce Banzie, ODCP

An extremely informative course, well presented in layman's terms for the non-technical person. Thoroughly I enjoyed it

Simon Mbila, ODCP